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Mark Corrao

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Corrao was formerly a founder and CFO of Strikeforce Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded software development and services company specializing in the development of a suite of integrated computer network security products. In addition to the ten years of his service at Strikeforce, Mr. Corrao has spent numerous years in the public accounting arena specializing in certified auditing, SEC accounting, corporate taxation and financial planning. Mr. Corrao’s background also includes numerous years on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch, Spear Leeds & Kellogg and Greenfield Arbitrage Partners. While on Wall Street Mr. Corrao was involved in several IPO’s and has been a guiding influence in several start up companies. Prior to joining StrikeForce, he was the Director of Sales at Applied Digital Solutions from December 2000 through December 2001. Mr. Corrao was the Vice President of Sales at Advanced Communications Sciences from March 1997 though December 2000. Mr. Corrao has a B.S. from CUNY.