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Nick Lowery

Spokesman / NFL Liaison – Advisory Board

Nick Lowery transcends any simple category. Hall of Fame athlete, Ivy League scholar, Presidential aide, Author, Poet, Teacher, Philanthropist, he has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, World News Tonight, Nightline with Ted Koppel, HBO, David Letterman twice, Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post and the New York Times. Nick is the only American to work for both President George HW Bush and President Bill Clinton in the White House Office of National Service, worked in the Regan Drug Abuse Policy Office, and became the first pro athlete with a Masters and Fellowship from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. Nick was inducted into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame in 2009 as the most accurate and prolific field goal kicker in NFL History when he left the National Football League. Nick founded Champions for the Homeless 11 years ago, supporting St. Vincent De Paul’s with 30 special uplifting celebrity events. His All Pros against Bullying is about building cultures of Empathy, helping close to 100 schools across the country combat bullying.

Nick’s Stronger Safer Sports hosted the past two years Concussions 2016 and 2017 Future of Football luncheons @ Barrows Neurological Center with top Doctors like Chris Giza of UCLA, Dr P David Adelson of Childrens Hospital Barrows, Dr. Javier Cardenas of St Joseph’s Barrows, and Dr Hirsch Handmaker of the CACTIS Foundation. The goal is supporting effective programs across the country to greatly reduce concussions and head injuries! Nick has introduced the MVP Mobile Virtual Player robotic tackling dummy, which won the NFL/GE Innovation award at Texas Medical Center at this year’s Super Bowl in Houston, to thousands across the country, and brought the first MVP’s to high schools in the Southwest.

Nick proudly gave the kickoff keynote and recruited celebrities for the 2015 and 2016 Angel City games at UCLA to honor and support disabled and amputee athletes. Leadership ~ Nick’s lifetime of work is about giving focus, passion and power to youth and all people looking to find their true purpose: His Mistakes University speech is about a revolution in creativity, learning and development.

Awards: Nick was NFL Man of the Year for both the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets. He is the winner of the NFL Player’s foremost humanitarian award, the Justice Byron Whizzer White award, the US Jaycees’ “Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award” (also won by Elvis and JFK), and the National Community Service Award from United Cerebral Palsy for his work with at risk and disabled youth.